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Why should you take Soy Protein powder | Zenith Protein Pure Soy

Why should you take Soy Protein powder | Zenith Protein Pure Soy

Hello all, I hope you all are doing good. In today’s post lets discuss why should you take Soy protein powder and I shall also review Zenith Protein Pure Soy. I had reviewed two products from the brand, you can go through them in the links here. Biotin supplements for healthy hair,  Ultra enzymes for better digestion

What is Pure Soy and how is it helpful?

Soy protein is a vegetable source of protein which contains all nine essential amino acids and high amounts of glutamine and arginine – two important amino acids which help stamina and muscle recovery. It is a plant-based source that is typically available in a liquid or powder form. The key benefits of soy are its high protein content, essential fatty acids, phytosterols, and lecithin, fiber components, isoflavones, and protease inhibitors. It contains phytochemicals and is also very low in fat and contains no cholesterol.

About Zenith Nutrition

Zenith Nutrition’s complete line of nutritional products includes vitamins, minerals, probiotics, standardized herbal concentrates and amino acids.The Company utilizes its industry-leading capabilities to produce superior research based formulations that optimize the nutritional value and performance for its customers. At Zenith, the focus has always been on safety and relying on proof of product effectiveness. Visit their website here


The vegan society,fssai, HALAL, GMP, Department of AYUSH.

Review of Zenith Protein Pure Soy

Zenith Protein pure soy comes in a nice big metallic grey colored plastic jar which has black screw lid to it which is also made of plastic. At the front, It has the label with soybeans picture on it. At the back, it has all the necessary information. The bottle I have here is 500 gm and is huge and for me, the product will certainly last a long time. The quantity provided is a complete value for money. As I open the cap, there is a thin aluminum foil and when you open it, there you see the protein powder in a sealed plastic pouch. A measuring spoon is also provided inside. The entire packaging is very sturdy and secure. The protein powder is cream colored is very very finely milled but gets mixed well in milk or water.

Zenith Protein Pure Soy brings a truly vegan source of protein, in its purest form, Soya protein isolate with all essential amino acids, conditionally essential amino acids & non-essential amino acids too. So it is basically a very good source of protein for vegetarians. Also, vegan protein is more easily digestible than the non-vegetarian source. Hence, anybody can take it if you wish to build the muscle and lose the fat. It also provides strength and stamina.

Soy products are beneficial for overall health due to the high levels of fiber, vitamins, minerals and low levels of saturated fat. It can help lower levels of bad cholesterol.  Sometimes it may cause hormonal imbalance so consult your doctor before you take any health supplement.

Directions to use:

Two teaspoonfuls can be added to fortify your regular home food like chapati, pasta, cereals, bread, cake, fruit juices, milk etc. for high protein requisites. To satisfy your taste buds, add sugar, fruits like banana along with cold milk, blend with 2 spoonfuls of Zenith protein pure soy in a blender. Consume immediately.


Pregnant, lactating, diabetics, hypoglycemics or everybody should take health supplements with caution and consult a doctor before taking any medication/supplements.

Price and Availability:

Zenith Protein Pure soy from Zenith Nutrition is priced at INR 760. you may find it on discount on Amazon link below

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  1. Protein ka accha sourse hai 👍👍

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  2. This is yet another product by Zenith! I have been looking for a protein powder since long. I think my search stops here

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  3. Though I am using a few products from Zenith, I didn’t know about this. Seems like a great supplement again.

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  4. ahaàa nice review. can we use this for liver pateint?

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      I am not sure. Please consult your doctor

  5. Nisha Malik

    Protein powder is very essential if trying to loose weight along with exercise. Zenith always come up with quality products

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  6. I think should go for it. And at such an affordable price.

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  7. Papri Ganguly

    I have been using their protein powder and it gives effective result.

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  8. Protein powder is beneficial when we want to reduce obesity. It is a nice source of proteins.

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