DHA for Vegetarians: Mama earth Plant DHA supplement for mama | Review

The DHA supplements are everywhere now… But me being a vegetarian, often felt reluctant to use fish oil pills for my DHA / Omega 3 requirements. Omega 3 is commonly not found in most of food we cook in a Indian vegetarian homes. But here is a DHA solution for all we Vegetarian Mommies…. Mama earth Plant DHA supplement for mama …

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Mama Earth Under Eye Creme For Mama | REVIEW

Hello my lovely mommies, How you all’re doing? I am good and I hope things are great at your end too. Today, I am back with one more post specially for you. In my previous post I discussed about hair related problems and a superb mask for it. please click here if you have not read the post yet. In today’s post …

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A Solution for Dry and Dull hair: Mama Earth Argan Hair Mask | REVIEW

Hello mommies, Today’s post is specially for you !! I am going to talk about a product especially made for mamas like you and me. Yes, finally there is a brand who has thought about moms. New moms like us compromise so much on their skin and hair post delivery. Hormonal changes, stress and sleepless nights all takes away our …

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