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St. D’Vence Body Moisturizer Autumn Edition Review

St. D’Vence Body Moisturizer Autumn Edition Review

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It’s Winter and its all about body lotions, creams, body creams, and oils. Don’t you feel so? The market is filled with different brands of these winter skincare essentials. But there are a few brands that are free of chemicals and are do so much good to our skin. If you regularly shop at Amazon, St. D’Vence might not be a new brand for you. This December, the brand has launched the new autumn edition moisturizer. The brand sent me a bottle of it for the review. Read further to know why is it special and how was my experience with it.

About St. D’Vence Body Moisturizer in Autumn Edition

ST. D’VENCÉ body moisturizer autumn edition is a unique breakthrough blend of ten premium ingredients that royally nourish and hydrate the driest of skin. Argon oil miracle liquid gold is used to intensely hydrate, soften and bring in a natural glow and boost to the skin. Avocado butter fruit, native to South America is packed with twenty-five vital nutrients, including vitamins A, B, C, E and K, proteins, fiber, and minerals. With French shea butter, it provides the best moisturizing effect all day long. The blissful amalgamation of avocado, almond, jojoba and olive oil, intensely moisturizes the epidermal layers and nourishes the skin while resulting in the removal of acne, wrinkles, and stretch marks. With London’s classic fragrance, this non-greasy moisturizer’s every drop is an elixir. At a time of transition, autumn is the best time to rejuvenate and repair your skin by correcting any summer damage and preparing for winter. This is a moisturizer so good, we’re sure you’ll fall for it.

No Parabens, No Mineral Oils, No Sulphates, PEG & PG Free, Hypoallergenic
This is a 100% vegetarian product with highly premium botanical and essential oils. It does not contain any animal-derived components.

Price :

INR 499 for 300 ml

You can buy it here on discount :

My Take On The Product :

The St’ D’Vence Body Moisturizer comes in a transparent cylindrical bottle which is very sturdy and has a black colored flip cap. The moisturizer is of a thick consistency and is rich and creamy white in color. The pump packaging might be easier to use considering the consistency of the body lotion, but this particular bottle is quite sturdy and secure which makes it travel-friendly. The smell of St. D’Vence body moisturizer is quite alluring but of a strong kind.

I have been using this moisturizer as a body lotion and prefer applying on hands and legs. After massaging a bit, it absorbs completely into the skin and gives a nice plump look  It makes skin’s texture quite smooth and supple without leaving any greasiness or stickiness. Every time I apply this lotion, I feel like, I am applying something very nourishing for the skin, I am a great fan of avocado, shea butter, and argan oil in skin care range, plus this also has so many essential oils in it. The staying power of this moisturizer is also great, making it a perfect moisturizer for autumn weather.


  • Soft and creamy texture
  • Spreads well and absorbs without leaving greasiness
  • Hydrates the skin instantly
  • Free of parabens, mineral oils, sulfates
  • Hypoallergenic
  • No animal testing
  • 100% Vegetarian Product
  • Suits all skin types


  • Not a smell everyone will like
  • Available only online

My Rating: 4/5

Final Thoughts: 

Overall, I’m impressed with St. D’Vence Body Moisturizer Autumn Edition. It’s a good body moisturizer for Autumn and winter. It is a perfect product not only for dry skin but also for all skin types. It is also made of so many natural ingredients which makes it very nourishing for the skin. I highly recommend it.


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  5. Nisha Malik

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  11. Judy

    Such a safe cream to use and for all skin types. Plus it is practically toxin free.

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    1. Madhu Anand

      Thank you 🙂

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