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Few days back, I had introduced you all to the brand “Mitti Se” and had reviewed two products from them.  If you have not read the post click here . Today, I am going review two more, Pure Almond oil and Aloe Clay Cleanser and Mask.

It’s just few days, I am loving the products from Mitti se so much. They are so pure and feel so natural,  Along with my purchase, I also got product samples of pure almond oil and aloe clay cleanser.  Let’s get to the review…

Pure Almond Oil Review :

Almond oil has many benefits. It is rich in vitamins.  It is great for baby massage.  It acts as a great moisturizer and also evens out skin complexion.  It is non greasy and does not clog pores. It removes dark circles.  Along with strengthening the muscles and bones, it is great for hair too.  Plus, it is edible with high mono unsaturated fats, omega-3 and EFA.  After knowing all this, I chose Pure almond oil from Mitti se.



Since I got the sample size packaging, I don’t want to elaborate on packaging. Please visit their site for all the information here.

Almond oil is great is a great multipurpose oil for babies/kids too, I wanted to buy a purest form of it for my daughter. When I came across the brand mitti se, I chose their almond oil. The oil is very pale yellow in color and so light in texture. I use it for my daughter as an after bath body oil, I generally use body lotions for her for the sake of moisturisation, but she won’t wait until I rub all the body lotion to get absorbed and always runs to play. This oil has made my task so much easier, It absorbs super fast and gives a nourished look. It doesn’t make skin oily or greasy instead gives a healthy glow. I have also used it on her hair.  Works well indeed and since it is cold pressed, it retains all the goodness of sweet almonds.

I am planning to buy a full size bottle of this oil. ” It is that great”. Haven’t used it internally, so can’t comment on that part. I have used to once on my face, it makes skin soft and nourished.  Overall, a great product to buy.

Aloe Clay Cleanser and Mask Review :

Aloe Clay cleanser or mask is a best seller product from their brand. The product comes in a tub packaging. I got a sample size which was neatly packed. Clay mask looks grey in color and very soft, like almost a talc kind of texture.  It contains Nutrient rich river bed Clay saturated in aloe vera.

You can use it as a cleanser or mask.  It removes toxins, nourishes, tones, stimulates healing and removes blemishes.

Although, I find it a hassle to use it as a everyday cleanser because it comes in a tub like packaging unlike their wild essence cleanser which comes in a bottle (Click here for review). I used it as a face mask, It worked great. I mixed it with rose water, added a drop of mitti se body oil because you know, I have dry skin. Applied it on my entire face and kept for about 15 mins. It din’t dry like cement unlike other commercial clay masks do. Rather, It appeared like a thin grey layer when dried.  say, I kept it for 10 mins and washed it after that. It made my skin look clean, radiant and soft. So, it satisfies the claims of deep cleansing.

Overall Thoughts:

Mitti se brands are eco friendly and all natural. They suit all skin types. I am seeing better results with all the products I have tried so far.  It takes care of your skin in a natural way without toxins and shows effective results. They are soft and gentle on the skin. Do try them and let me know your experience with their products.

 Visit mitti se site here :
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