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Himalaya Soothing body butter rose | Review

Himalaya Soothing body butter rose | Review

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Winter is at its peak and this time, I have had the driest of the skin of all time. Usually, I am happy with body lotions, but this time, I needed something extra moisturizing. A few days back, while I was randomly shopping, I found this tub of Himalaya body butter. It comes in 3 variants and me being the rose fragrance lover, picked up the rose one. This body butter is exclusively made for moms, but I feel anybody with dry skin can go ahead and use it.

To talk about Himalaya, I always have mixed opinion about their products. Some products suit me some won’t ( to an extent where I start hating myself for buying them). So let us check how was my experience with this one.




Himalaya body butter is available in stores and supermarkets and is also available online.


The Himalaya body butter comes in tub packaging. The tub is not so heavy and is easily carryable. Usually, body butter comes in tub packaging because their consistency is as such that tub packaging would be easier to take out the product. People concerned about hygiene can use a spatula. The tub comes in a typical Himalaya white and teal packaging.  There is also a small white lid, that separates the product from its cap.  overall, I do not have any complaints about the packaging.

My take on Himalaya Body Butter 

The Himalaya body butter is very affordable and comes in various sizes. The one I have here is the 200ml tub. The body butter is of thick consistency which has soft satiny texture. For my skin, I require a generous amount but it spreads and absorbs very well. The cream is white in color and has a smell of fresh roses which is not so overpowering. Since it is designed for moms, it has soothing properties. Sometimes my skin feels red in winter and this body butter gives much-needed relief.

After application, it instantly makes skin soft and nourished. It has a staying power of 5-6 hours.I have been regularly using it for 20 days now and my skin’s texture is also been improved, being silky soft. I will definitely continue to use it.


  • Affordable and easily available in stores.
  • Comes in various sizes
  • A very beautiful smell of rose
  • Thick and satiny texture which glides smoothly on skin
  • Absorbs quickly on the skin.
  • Heals dry skin and provides relief.
  • Moisturizing effect stays for longer time.
  • Improves skin texture.
  • Great for winters.


  • No cons for me, the best one for dry skin and winters.



Overall, I loved this body butter from Himalaya, It is specially made for moms but anybody with dry skin can use it. It heals dry skin by providing optimum moisturization. Regular use of this body butter makes skin soft and smooth. I recommend this cream to use in winter. It is affordable and also easily available.

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  1. Heading dekh kar mujhy laga ki cream pinkish colour me hogi 😊🥀🥀
    Himalaya k products mujhy bahut pasand hain

    1. Madhu Anand

      Haan! Par ye white color ka hai, with fresh smell of roses.

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