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We all want our hair to be lustrous, shiny and full of volume. Irrespective of any gender, desire for great hair is quite obvious. But nowadays, hair fall is one of the biggest concern of most the people. We try oils and shampoos to get rid of hair fall. but often, we realize, one of the biggest cause for hair fall is lack of nutrition. Today I am presenting you all one such health supplement which controls hair fall and gives natural bouncy hair. The product I have here is Delta Matters Hair matters. Before I proceed, I would like to tell I am not a doctor. So please consult your doctor before taking the health supplement.


  • Fortified with the goodness of Multivitamin DAM complex( Daily Active Multiple)
  • With essential minerals, vitamins and nutrition complex
  • Dietary Supplement
  • Assured GMP quality
  • Suitable for vegetarians
  • fssai certified

Review of Delta Matters hair matters

The delta matters hair matters health supplement comes in a white sturdy plastic bottle. The cap is very secure and the tablets are further protected with a sealed film. The bottle contains a total number of 60 capsules. The capsules are big and transparent and contain brownish colored powder in them. They contain no bitter taste as such and are also these capsules vegetarian.

The pills are made of daily active multiple blends which is a combination several micronutrients and vitamins. It also contains biotin, saw palmetto, Gotu Kola and magnesium. This combination of vitamins helps in hair growth. I have already discussed benefits of taking Biotin supplements in my post here . Saw palmetto extract is an extract of the fruit of the saw palmetto which is said to prevent hair loss. Gotu kola is a small herb of Indian origin which we also call Brahmi which helps in hair growth by stimulating hair follicles. Magnesium helps the body absorb other nutrients well.

Overall, Delta matters hair matters in one such supplement which will help you gain the hair you desire and also help you maintain the healthy hair. Do consult your doctor and take this hair supplement. This is not a food substitute for a varied diet. You have to consume a healthy diet along with this supplement.

Directions to use:

1-2 supplements daily or as directed by your dietician.


Pregnant, lactating, diabetics, hypoglycemics or everybody should take health supplements with caution and consult a doctor before taking any medication/supplements.

Price and Availability:

Delta matters hair matters is priced at Rs. 850. you may find it on discount on Amazon link below

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  1. i used this supplement and totally loved it!! thanks a lot for the review.

    1. Madhu Anand

      Thanks for stoppping by !

  2. Nowadays we all ho through hair problems and something like this for sure ! Thanks for sharing.

    1. Madhu Anand


  3. This sounds like a promising supplement. I would love to go for this, but on consultation with the doc. Thanks for recommending!

    1. Madhu Anand

      Yes, please consult n take

  4. I have never tried supplements for hair. Never had enough trust, but this product looks promising.

    1. Madhu Anand

      Yes, Thanks

  5. Now a days so many hair problems.. Its very imp to go for suppliments.. Will try this.

    1. Madhu Anand

      Thank you

  6. Anonymous

    This is so true we want our hair to always look shiny.

    1. Madhu Anand

      Yes. Thanks for stopping by !

  7. Nice suppliments it’s sound very promising… Surely try it

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