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Easy DIY Neem-Turmeric-Lemon Facial Oil for acne prone skin

Hey, Lovelies… It’s been a while I hadn’t shared any DIY with you all, So, today why not try a simple DIY for pimple-prone skin with just 3 simple ingredients. You all know how frustrating it is to have acne or pimples. These uninvited guests won’t go off so easily… Also, we refrain ourselves from wearing any kind of makeup. There are many products on the market that promise to fight acne and blemishes, but sadly only a few work well, or they are very expensive. So, if you love DIYs, chemical free products or simply looking for cost-effective methods,  just try this at your home. Presenting, DIY Neem -turmeric – lemon facial oil.

This oil can be your miracle oil to treat acne (hormonal acne), blemishes, small bumps, rashes, uneven skin tone… Read below to know how to make it.

You will Need :

  1. Store bought Neem oil (any brand but good quality)
  2. Kasturi Manjal (Wild turmeric) or simple kitchen turmeric
  3. lemon

Benefits of these ingredients:

1. Neem Oil :

Neem oil is a god sent product for all the skin related concerns. It has antibacterial and antifungal properties helps fight acne and rashes. It has the high amount of fatty acids and hence promotes collagen production and fights wrinkles. It evens out skin tone and also relieves dryness

2.Kasturi Manjal :

This is commonly called as wild turmeric and is widely used in skin care cosmetics. Turmeric fights tan and gives even-toned complexion, it also has antibacterial properties and prevents pimples.  Using this haldi regularly also prevents facial hair growth.

3. Lemon :

Lemon is rich in vitamin C and antioxidants and helps to get a brighter clear looking skin. It acts like a natural bleach and helps in getting rid of scars, acne marks, dark spot, and dullness.  lemon also helps with the oiliness of skin and treats blackheads

Let’s do it…

Warm 5 spoons of neem oil, add it to half teaspoon of karturi manjal powder, Now add few drops of lemon juice to it and mix well. When it cools down, transfer it to a container.  Now your neem-turmeric-lemon face oil is ready!!

How to use…

Wash your face and pat skin dry. Pour 3-4 drops of neem facial oil on your palm and massage your face and neck well for 5 mins. You could keep it longer, after that wash off again with a good cleanser. Do this regularly every day, you will see pimples saying bye bye.. it also fades acne marks and scars. works well on tan and blemishes too.


*This oil stains clothes, so wear old ones.

*If you do not have kasturi turmeric, you can use regular kitchen turmeric too

* Also, neem oil smells really bitter.

So, that’s it girls! Do try it out this DIY Neem oil and let me how it worked out for you. If you love DIYs don’t miss to check out this awesome DIY tomato ice for beautiful skin.

C ya.. xoxo !!




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    1. Madhu Anand

      Thank you !

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