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Current Favorites | Skincare Products #1

Hey, lovelies…  If you follow me on Instagram, you might know I had a poll on which post to go live first… Current Favorites or empties. Since Favorites won the battle, I am here posting it today. Being a beauty blogger, one of the most common questions people ask me is…. What is your actual skin care routine? Do you use all those products ? Well… Today I am posting about the products I use on day to day basis. Some of the products listed here are the ones I am using for many years and a few are new best friends. Read below to know more….

The Face shop Herb day 365 Cleansing foam Peach

I bought this from nykaa and it’s a huge package. I am using it for past 3 months and still reached half of it. It is a nice cleanser which removes all impurities from the skin’s surface and makes skin look hydrated and plump. It has never dried out my skin, a good cleanser at a given price. There are many variants of this cleanser that suits for different skin type.

Plum white tea and chamomile brightening face scrub:

I got this scrub at an offer when I purchased twin pack of plum kajal from their official website. The beads in this scrub are hard and exfoliate skin well. I just use this  scrub once in a week. The scrub claims to brighten the skin tone, but I do not see that effect, but with regular use, it has helped me a bit with tan removal. It certainly is not the best scrubs that I have used so far, but since I am currently using it, I am including in this post Today.

Innisfree green tea balancing skin:

Innisfree green tea balancing skin is a Korean skincare product. It has become my most favorite product lately, After I cleanse my face, I first apply this and I really love it. If you have pimples, you must try this. It balances the pH of skin and makes skin prepped for upcoming skincare routine. I have already reviewed on my blog. Read full review here

Innisfree pomegranate revitalizing essence:

Essence is a very integral part of Korean skin care routine I have a tester size of it and really loving it. This lightweight and hydrating essence rejuvenate the skin to restore its natural resilience. You can go ahead and try this essence if you want to explore Korean skin care products.

Innisfree Pomegranate revitalizing cream :

This new pomegranate range from Innisfree is made to revitalize and moisturize the skin. This is the best cream that has happened to my skin. It is totally non-greasy and my skin absorbs it well and is also non-comedogenic. It does not address any skin related concerns but works well for moisturization. I do recommend it if you are looking for a cream that is all non-oily and non-greasy after application. Also, I must say, the bb cream blends really well if I use this cream underneath.

Aroma magic under eye cream:

I have lost count of how many aroma magic eye creams/ gels I have used. It has helped me a lot with my dark circles and puffy eyes. I am using it for past 3 years now and I really love it. It is very affordable and also chemical free and does what it has to do. Read a review of gel here.

Organic Harvest shea lip repair lip balm:

I am using it for few days and I am totally in love with it. It is an organic lip balm which makes lip soft and smooth. It is a non-tinted lip balm, do try it if you are into non-tinted and organic lip care products. A very cute lip balm with round yellow packaging and smells like vanilla and mango pudding…. Isn’t that great !

Green leaf aloe vera gel:

Green leaf aloe vera gel is really a good product if you have oily skin. It is a multi-purpose product for me. This gel helps me a lot in reducing tan and discoloration. It calms down pimples and I also love to use it on my underarms instead of deo sprays.

Biotique Bio fruit whitening and depigmentation face pack:

I have already mentioned this in my earlier posts. This face pack from biotique is blended with the juices of Pineapple, Tomato, Lemon, and Papaya fruit it claims to lighten the skin tone.  If you have tan or pigmentation issues, you must try this out. Also, read Top & face packs for glowing skin in India

The Body Shop Moringa Shower gel:

Most of you love The body shop shower gels, isn’t it? The rich creamy lather with the subtle smell of jasmines is what winter calls for. (I am not a fan of fruity fragrances ) This Moringa shower gel is currently my favorite.

Cetaphil Body lotion:

Cetaphil body lotion is another multi-purpose moisturizer.  My hubby usually gets a large tub from US which lasts for almost 2 years for me 😛 My entire family uses it. It has no fragrance, no color. It suits all skin types and is available in India at drugstores.

Innisfree cedar wood hand cream:

Innisfree hand creams are really good. I have reviewed one on my blog. Only con is the tube is very small and not long lasting. But it moisturizes hand well. I am using this cedar wood hand cream have almost finished it. Recommend it if you do not mind repurchasing again and again. Read innisfree lotus hand cream review here

Ponds bb cream:

I am not a makeup person, but love to use this bb creams. This one from ponds is my current favorite. I use it only whenever I go out on weekends. It does not break me out and gives a nice sheer coverage. it is very economical and suits dry skinned beauties the most. It also comes with the SPF of 30++, so a good buy !

Lotus Herbals UV Screen Matte Gel 50g

I am been using this sunscreen for so many years now. This sunblock with SPF 50 UVB which is totally non-oily and provides a fresh and clean finish to the face, neck, and hands and also protects against all forms of sun damage.

Well… These are my current favorite skin care products which I love to use on regular basis. Let me know what are you loving currently and also if you want a detailed review of any of the products mentioned above. I will be back with the new post soon.

Much Love,

Madhu 🙂







  1. Nice post with some lovely products in your routine 😊 I also use Aloe vera on daily basis , good for my oily skin

  2. Alexx Bloom

    I love the hand cream and that aloe gel by green leaf it is awsome to use

  3. All products looks great… Thanx for sharing your favorite products

  4. jhilmildsaha

    These are some great products. I need to try Innisfree

  5. This is such an amazing collection of your favorites. Even I use some of these and can swear by their performance.

  6. I’ve had used some of these products. The Body Shop Moringa range is amazing!

  7. All products are sooooo good 💗
    Wish Innisfree wasn’t so expensive !
    Will go get Cetaphil as you say it is a really good brand
    Yet to try the Armomagic eye gel.cream
    oooohhhh TBS Moringa <3
    LOVED this post-it seems many of my favs are yours too !

    1. Madhu Anand

      Thank you so much Aishwarya. Ya cetaphil is really good. it will not clog pores ad moistures skin very well

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