Face mists: DIY How to make distilled Jasmine/Mogra water at home

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Indian women are very fond of Jasmine flower or mogra/mallige flowers. Jasmine flower smells sweet as a perfume and fills the surrounding with its fragrance . We often adorn our tresses with gajra not just to look beautiful but also smell good & feel good. Not just this jasmine has  great beauty benefits.

However,  jasmine can’t be used directly. You need to crush it and infuse it in oil or water, or use essential oil.  I tried preparing jasmine water/mist as it is summer and scorching heat has made our skin dull and tired. Jasmine water refreshes the skin, it makes  skin soft leaving you smelling nice.. it calms our senses and relaxes us completely 🙂 It also moisturizes and gives a fresh feel.  Overall it is made for summer !!! And also Jasmine is very beneficial for hair. I will make a post on jasmine infused coconut oil soon.

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DIY Tomato Ice cubes for face and skin

Hey people ,,

Today I’m going to share with you a DIY which I tried a couple of days back, that is.. tomato ice cubes. Trust me, it is super easy to make and has given me amazing results in just a 5 days.  Most of you might have tried rubbing ice for face or even tried applying tomato paste for face. If you have tried you might be knowing how good are these two things for your skin. I just tried to combine these two concepts. Continue reading

8 Amazing beauty benefits of using Red Sandalwood/Raktha chandana on face

Hello Readers .. I am back with another post regarding the usage of red sandalwood or Raktha Chandana in your beauty regime . If you know me by now , you will know how I use natural ingredients to take care of my skin . Because they give you results that last long , unlike chemical laden cosmetic products . Here is one product that I swear by in that matter .

If you are not aware of Raktha Chandana , it is a bark of the tree which is red in color . The tree belongs to a species of  Pterocarpus endemic found in the southern eastern ghats mountain range of South India . Unlike Sandalwood , Red sandalwood is not aromatic . But it is at par with it when it comes to beauty benefits .

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DIY to Combat Dandruff & Grey hair problems using Fenugreek/Methi Seeds

During winter most of us are prey to hair problems such as dandruff , hair loss & dry hair to name a few . In such cases most of the people resort to other cosmetic hair packs that are loaded with sulfates , Parabens  and many other chemicals which we obviously know are not good . Hence , why not try a simple DIY using Methi or Fenugreek seeds to take care of your crowning beauty . Fenugreek is very commonly available in India. It is present in every Indian kitchen . If you are Out of India , you can buy it in any Indian store .

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DIY Strawberry Beauty Recipes

Hello beautiful . Its time to adore your skin . Here is a DIY to achieve a healthy & hydrated skin using pretty little strawberries

This is my first blog post.So why not start with something I love the most!!


Well , who does not like em.Glossy and beautiful ,Cute & colorful and small packets of hydration for your skin.I am sure they are going to bring cheer on your face.

Winter is  a season for the berry fruit . I absolutely love strawberries and have them stocked up in my refrigerator and kitchen. These are a few DIY’s which I will share with you all today . I enjoyed making the following and giving myself a beauty treat .

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