Hand made soaps from “Beee Happy soaps” REVIEW

  1. Hey Guys !!  Today I am going to talk about the hand made soaps from “Bee Happy Soaps”  India . Let me introduce you to the brand. Be Happy soaps are specially hand made with organic essential oils , forest collected herbs and other natural ingredients . Mrs. Anuradha Pant from New Delhi, started making them for herself and later took it as a business.  This venture started a year ago & now offers soaps in many variants. Continue reading

Ayush Natural Fairness Saffron Face Wash REVIEW

Lever Ayush is a recently launched ayurvedic brand in India. I wanted to try this range ever since I saw it’s advertisement saying it is derived from ayurvedic secrets written 5000 years ago, which treats skin and hair problems caused by modern lifestyle and pollution.  Since, it was not available in stores of Delhi and NCR I didn’t get a chance to try them out,but when I came to Bangalore few days back, I saw that it was readily available in every other shop. I thought to give the face wash a try. It offers two varieties of facewash. One is the anti-pimple turmeric face wash while the other is natural fairness saffron facewash. I picked up the latter because I have dry skin and felt this one would suit me better.

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