Basic Guide To Skin Care: CTM Routine

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How you all are doing? The rainy season has all started so soon this time. In Bangalore here, it is pouring everyday like a grand shower. ¬†And finally my daughter’s vacations are getting over and she would be going to school from tomorrow, ūüôā I can enjoy some “me” time for few hours. But I also want my little brat to be roaming around me, asking a 100 things and questions. ¬†Aha.., typical mommy story. Do you relate ?

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Mitti se Wild Essence Face Wash and Body Oil REVIEW

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Let me introduce you all to the brand “Mitti se” . ¬†Mitti se means from the Earth in Hindi. The brand is from Lucknow India. Here is a little introduction about the brand….

About Mitti Se: We offer Pure, Natural and highly effective Body Care, Cleaning & Health products which are safe and Earth-friendly. Minimal processing goes into our products so the natural complexity of the ingredients is maintained. Our products include ingredients and Ayurvedic formulations that are tried and tested over the years. We have also enhanced their effectiveness by adding on to them where necessary.
Our goal is to make our homes, our lifestyles and Earth safer. We provide affordable alternatives to reduce dependence on harmful & unsustainable chemicals.
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5 Vegan/Vegetarian foods to eat for gorgeous skin

Beautiful skin is not just achieved by  topically applying a cosmetic or herbal product. It is a cumulative result of what we eat, our lifestyle and other cosmetics that we use in our regular skin care routine. Right nutrition can never be ignored when we are aiming at our goal of beautiful glowing. There are foods that benefit in the overall appearance of our skin and also  help us in many ways like weight loss and detox.  I am a vegetarian and here, I am listing 5 main vegan/vegetarian foods that we should include in our daily diet. Read below.. Continue reading

Hand made soaps from “Beee Happy soaps” REVIEW

  1. Hey Guys !! ¬†Today I am going to talk about the hand made soaps from “Bee Happy Soaps” ¬†India . Let me introduce you to the brand. Be Happy soaps are specially hand made with organic essential oils , forest collected herbs and other natural ingredients . Mrs. Anuradha Pant from New Delhi,¬†started making them for herself and later took it as a business. ¬†This venture started a year ago & now offers soaps in many variants. Continue reading

REVIEW | Garnier Ultra Blends Henna Blackberry Shampoo

Hi !!!!

Today, I am going to talk about the shampoo which most of you might already be using and loving it . But still, I wanted to share my experience with it, so here is the review.¬† I hardly experiment with my hair and stick to just same product for months or even years. However, I wanted to try this paraben free range¬† from Garnier Ultra blends ever since it came in the market. Finally, I got one from this range that is their Henna Blackberry shampoo which claims to give brilliant shine to dull hair. Must say, that it is working fine for me ! Read further…

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Face mists: DIY How to make distilled Jasmine/Mogra water at home

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Indian women are very fond of Jasmine flower or mogra/mallige flowers. Jasmine flower smells sweet as a perfume and fills the surrounding with its fragrance . We often adorn our tresses with gajra not just to look beautiful but also smell good & feel good. Not just this jasmine has  great beauty benefits.

However,¬† jasmine can’t be used directly. You need to crush it and infuse it in oil or water, or use essential oil.¬† I tried preparing jasmine water/mist as it is summer and scorching heat has made our skin dull and tired. Jasmine water refreshes the skin, it makes¬† skin soft leaving you smelling nice.. it calms our senses and relaxes us completely ūüôā It also moisturizes and gives a fresh feel.¬† Overall it is made for summer !!! And also Jasmine is very beneficial for hair. I will make a post on jasmine infused coconut oil soon.

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