Blossom Kochhar ABC Series: Aroma Magic Activated bamboo Charcoal facewash | REVIEW

Hey my lovely people.. Skin care products with activated charcoal are so much in trend now. I quite like the fact that how activated charcoal cleanses impurities of my skin. I live in country’s capital and you might know how polluted it is at times. So, I always have one activated charcoal product in my skin care routine as it restores natural glow to my skin.

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8 Amazing beauty benefits of using Red Sandalwood/Raktha chandana on face

Hello Readers .. I am back with another post regarding the usage of red sandalwood or Raktha Chandana in your beauty regime . If you know me by now , you will know how I use natural ingredients to take care of my skin . Because they give you results that last long , unlike chemical laden cosmetic products . Here is one product that I swear by in that matter .

If you are not aware of Raktha Chandana , it is a bark of the tree which is red in color . The tree belongs to a species of  Pterocarpus endemic found in the southern eastern ghats mountain range of South India . Unlike Sandalwood , Red sandalwood is not aromatic . But it is at par with it when it comes to beauty benefits .

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How to use Bio Oil in different ways: Bio Oil REVIEW | My holy grail in skin care routine

Hello to all my readers … Thinking if Bio Oil is the best treatment for your skin care problems ? Like me, you might have also seen this in other beauty blogs hailing it as miracle beauty product. Well, This is a product that has stormed the Indian cosmetic market these years.

I am a South Indian with medium-fair skin with yellow undertones to it. like others at times i too suffer from uneven skin tone,  breakouts, dark spots and dry patches . Due to the changes in weather or changes in my hormones 🙂 🙂 . I also have pregnancy stretch marks and dark circles like any Indian mom 🙂 So  I thought of giving this product a try .

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DIY to Combat Dandruff & Grey hair problems using Fenugreek/Methi Seeds

During winter most of us are prey to hair problems such as dandruff , hair loss & dry hair to name a few . In such cases most of the people resort to other cosmetic hair packs that are loaded with sulfates , Parabens  and many other chemicals which we obviously know are not good . Hence , why not try a simple DIY using Methi or Fenugreek seeds to take care of your crowning beauty . Fenugreek is very commonly available in India. It is present in every Indian kitchen . If you are Out of India , you can buy it in any Indian store .

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DIY Strawberry Beauty Recipes

Hello beautiful . Its time to adore your skin . Here is a DIY to achieve a healthy & hydrated skin using pretty little strawberries

This is my first blog post.So why not start with something I love the most!!


Well , who does not like em.Glossy and beautiful ,Cute & colorful and small packets of hydration for your skin.I am sure they are going to bring cheer on your face.

Winter is  a season for the berry fruit . I absolutely love strawberries and have them stocked up in my refrigerator and kitchen. These are a few DIY’s which I will share with you all today . I enjoyed making the following and giving myself a beauty treat .

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